Pokémon Go – Calculating IVs Just Got Better

Pokémon Go introduces the appraisal system since update 0.35.0 for Android and 1.5.0 for iOS. You can get an appraisal from your team leader and roughly know the IV stats of your favorite Pokémon.


Since this update, the IV calculators just got better by incorporating the in-game appraisal results in its calculation. You can get more accurate IV and no more vague results like 10 or 20 different possibilities of IV for a single Pokémon.

Source: Unlike Aik



To calculate the IV of a Pokémon, open the IV Calculator. Then key-in the CP, HP, and Stardust required to power-up the Pokémon. What follows next is the result of appraisal from your team leader in-game. IV result from the calculation is more reliable since it matches with what your team leader says.

Pokémon Go Inspired Butter Cookies That Are Too Cute To Be Eaten

How can anyone find Eevee not cute? A Pokémon fan has created some awesome handmade cookies based on some of the cutest Pokémon Go characters.


Pikachu Butter Cookies



Eevee Butter Cookies



Clefairy Butter Cookies



Jigglypuff Butter Cookies



Snorlax Butter Cookies



Source: Franny’s Moments

Pokémon Go Botters, GPS Spoofers, And Rooted Devices No Longer Work

As the rush for Pokémon Go calms down, Niantic is working towards getting rid of cheaters. Botters, GPS spoofers, and scanners are being aimed. Rooted Android devices have been caught in the crossfire.

Niantic has broken its silence and confirms that they are behind the lockdown for third party services trying to access their servers last month. Recently, they have sent out warning to all trainers who are continuing to play on version 0.35.0. With the latest update of version 0.39.1 for Android, they have enforced a security blanket where older version of Pokémon  Go would be forced for an update when trying to login.


The game developer expressed that third party services are hindering stability of the game and hinted at plans to improve third party integration.


“We have read your posts and emails and we hear the frustration from folks in places where we haven’t launched yet,” as stated in the post. “We want you to know that we have been working crazy hours to keep the game running as we continue to launch globally.”

Pokémon Go Spawn Points Migration And Changes

Pokémon Go is going through a major nest migration right now. This round, the migration has been randomized further with changing spawn points as well.


Pokémon Go Spawn Points Changes

Unlike earlier nests migration, there are some changes with spawn points as well:

  • Spawn locations changed.
  • Spawning time are more randomized.
  • Most of the old spawn points was not removed.
  • New spawn points are added.
  • Spawn points possible to spawn evolved Pokémon now.


Although we can’t confirm whether these changes is a buff or a nerf, the reports are indicating that Niantic is adding more spawn points rather than rearranging them. At the same time, the nests migration is on-going globally. There are hardly any nests that are not affected.


Nests Spawn Evolved Pokémon


Players have also noticed that nests can spawn evolved Pokémon now. Some players reported Venusaur, Jolteon, Machamp, and other higher tier evolution Pokémon spawning on their respective nests.


For a full list of reported nests changes, you can go to: Pokémon Go Nest Change List

Pokémon Go Nest Change List

Pokémon Go is going through the third major nest migration. Nests in Pokémon Go are real world locations where the same type of rare Pokémon spawns massively. There have also been reports of changing spawn points buzzing all over Reddit.


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How To Defeat Charizard In Pokémon Go

Both Charizard and Arcanine are high CP Fire type Pokémon. Combined with its high base attack, it is not easy to defeat Charizard without some type advantage.


Here are the strategies and best move set that is super effective on Charizard.

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Pokémon Go Update 0.39.1 Released

Niantic rolled out Pokémon Go version 0.39.1 on September 25, two days after the previous big update. However, the changelog remains the same except for the “minor text fixes”.


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Pokémon Fanart – Metal Hybrid Pokémon Concept Art

Hybrid Pokémon that are part metal and part organic composition equipped with advance weaponry and armor. For more fanart, visit Frame Wars.


Hybrid Mewtwo



Hybrid Snorlax



Hybrid Lapras



Hybrid Gyarados



Hybrid Charizard



Hybrid Blastoise



Hybrid Venusaur



Source: Frame Wars

Pokémon Go 0.39.0 New Anti Cheat System

Pokémon Go is a very popular real world game of today. But as with any successful game, cheating is a common problem which follow suit. Niantic Labs have taken action against some of these cheaters by dropping the ban hammer on players guilty of using cheat tools.


Pokémon Go 0.35.0

As of version 0.35.0, a new method for fighting bots was discovered in the apk – captcha. When the server detects abnormal player behavior, they could be prompted with a captcha screen. These are mostly used for fighting with the bots and trackers.


Pokémon Go 0.37.0

For version 0.37.0, rooted Android devices (and jailbroken iOS devices) are blocked from loading the game.


Pokémon Go 0.39.0

We found more anti cheating security added into the latest version of Pokémon Go 0.39.0:


  • get_ShouldShowCheatWarning
  • set_ShouldShowCheatWarning
  • <ShouldShowCheatWarning>k__BackingField
  • ShouldShowCheatWarning



Pokémon Go 0.39.0 Queued Moves For Gym Battle

Pokémon Go 0.39.0 for Android and 1.9.0 was officially released on September 24. If you have not downloaded yet, head over to Apple Store and Android Store for the update. There are some improvements for gym battle.


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