Poké Balls

Poké Ball is the most used item by trainers in Pokémon Go for catching Pokémon. There are four types of Poké Ball.


Poké Ball


A device for caching wild Pokémon. It’s thrown like a ball at a Pokémon, comfortably encapsulating its target.


Great Ball


Unlock at: Level 12

A good, high-performance Poké Ball that provides a higher catch rate than a standard Poké Ball.


Ultra Ball


Unlock at: Level 20

An ultra-high performance Poké Ball that provides a higher catch rate than a Great Ball.


Master Ball


Unlock at: Unknown

The Master Ball was detected in the apk and should be the most powerful Poké Ball that guarantees a 100% catch rate.


How to Obtain Poké Ball

Poké Ball could be easily obtained from Pokestops. Once your trainer level unlocks higher level Poké Ball, you will be able to obtain it from Pokestops. Though higher Poké Ball are harder to come by. As your trainer level up, there will also be Poké Ball awarded as bonus item.


Basic Poké Ball are also sold in the Shop.


Coins Required Poké Ball Amount
100 PokeCoins 20 Poké Ball
460 PokeCoins 100 Poké Ball
800 PokeCoins 200 Poké Ball