Pokémon Go v0.35.0 For Android And v1.5.0 For iOS Update

Pokémon Go introduces the appraisal feature in its latest update. Let your virtual team leader Candela, Blanche or Spark determine how good is your Pokémon by analyzing the hidden Individual Value (IV) of each Pokémon’s attack, defence and stamina.

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Pokémon Go Rolls Out Balance Update On August 20, 2016

Pokémon Go rolls out an unannounced update yesterday bringing several updates mainly for balancing the game.


Increased Spawn Rates

There have been reports of increased spawn rates of uncommon and rare Pokémons. This change is a warm welcome to get out of the monotonous grind of catching Rattata and Pidgey. Reports are also coming in for significant increase of region specific Pokémon. There are four Pokémon which are region based as shown below.

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Evolution Calculator for Pokémon Go Is Ready to use

Evolution Calculator for Pokemon Go Is Ready to use, always check your Pokemon before evolve.

Please comment us for any bug or suggestion, Thank you.
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Try Again Later Error Bug in Pokémon Go

Try Again Later

When you twist items from the Poke Stop, you may see the error “Try Again Later”. It is a bug in Pokemon Go that forget to refresh to Poke Stop, no matter how many times you twist again, it will appear the same error, actually the items already grabbed into your bag.
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CP Multiplier List For Level 1 to Level 40

It use use for calculate the CP IV for Pokemon Go, every level with different multiplier.
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Pokémon Go 1.3.1 For iOS Released With Bug Fixes

Pokémon Go 1.3.1 update is here for iOS users. The updated changelog shows as follows:

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