Hatching Eggs

Eggs and Incubators

Eggs are obtainable from the PokéStop and each trainer will be able to keep up to 9 eggs at a time. Each egg will have a distance indicated – 2km, 5km, and 10km.


In order to start hatching an egg, you will need an egg incubator. Every trainer starts the game with an orange egg incubator which is for unlimited use. As your trainer level progress, you will get the blue incubator as level up reward from time to time. The blue incubator could be purchased with Pokécoins in the shop as well.

  • Orange egg incubator – unlimited use
  • Blue egg incubator – 3 times use

Eggs are placed on the second tab of your Pokémon page. So go to your Pokémon page and swipe to the second tab, then select an egg and place it into an incubator. Each incubator can only hold one egg at a time. You must travel the distance in with the game open in order to hatch the eggs. The distance is measured by GPS and not number of steps.


Egg Hatching Tips

  • The Pokémon level from hatched egg follows your trainer level when you acquire the egg.
  • The maximum Pokémon level from eggs is level 20.
  • Maximum traveling speed for hatching egg is about 15mph or 24kmph.