FastPokeMap Could Be Back By This Weekend

Niantic managed to take down all third party scanners with their recent security update. Bots did not escape the onslaught as well. In order to bypass the new API, reverse engineer is needed. The lack of interest from reversing community is troubling, but this is not surprising as Niantic has made it very clear that they are not happy with third party services accessing their servers.

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Pokémon Go Captcha System Live, Beware Cheaters

In the latest Pokémon Go update, Niantic has enforced their security and added captcha to prevent game cheaters from using bots and other third party trackers to gain unfair advantage. But the catch is that they haven’t enforced it back then. The new security is found in the coding waiting for Niantic to flip the switch on their side to activate it.

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Pokémon Go Hack That Lets You Travel Anywhere On The Latest Update

Pokémon Go is still the top five grossing app on the App Store even after the craze has some how calmed down. The fun part of the game is going out and catching Pokémon which brings back nostalgic memories.


Part of the reason to go out and catch Pokémon, apart from growing a stronger team for gym battles, is to fill up the Pokédex. Of course, it will get more and more difficult as you progress. Not to mention that some Pokémon are region specific. So unless you travel around the world, there is no way to catch ’em all. That is one of the reason why some will resort to cheating.


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Pokémon Go 0.39.0 New Anti Cheat System

Pokémon Go is a very popular real world game of today. But as with any successful game, cheating is a common problem which follow suit. Niantic Labs have taken action against some of these cheaters by dropping the ban hammer on players guilty of using cheat tools.


Pokémon Go 0.35.0

As of version 0.35.0, a new method for fighting bots was discovered in the apk – captcha. When the server detects abnormal player behavior, they could be prompted with a captcha screen. These are mostly used for fighting with the bots and trackers.


Pokémon Go 0.37.0

For version 0.37.0, rooted Android devices (and jailbroken iOS devices) are blocked from loading the game.


Pokémon Go 0.39.0

We found more anti cheating security added into the latest version of Pokémon Go 0.39.0:


  • get_ShouldShowCheatWarning
  • set_ShouldShowCheatWarning
  • <ShouldShowCheatWarning>k__BackingField
  • ShouldShowCheatWarning