Gym Error Fix

Gym error is one of the most frustrating problem in Pokémon Go that persists for at least 10-15 minutes once encountered. With much testing, we have come up with a solution for this error but first, let’s see why this error is happening.


Why is There a Gym Error When I Battle?

Gym Range

In order to train or attack a gym, trainers must be within range of a gym. Once you stray away too far, you will be kicked out with an error.


If you are barely within the gym’s range, you can be kicked out in the middle of a battle due to GPS drift. To avoid this problem, try to be as near to the gym as possible.


Gym Defender Added

If a lower CP Pokémon was added before you enter battle or higher CP Pokémon was added before your battle end, the system might think that they matched you wrongly. This will trigger an error and will refuse to let you continue. The error will usually last for 10 to 15 minutes before able to enter a battle again.


Gym Defender Removed

In a highly contested gym, there would be times that a defender will knocked out due to the gym prestige drop before you enter battle. The system will think that you are matched with a non-existent defender and an error message will be displayed. This error will prevent you from entering battle again for the next 10 to 15 minutes.


Pokémon Go Gym Battle Error Fix

1. Refresh

If you encounter an error during gym battle, usually the system will not allow you to re-enter until it refreshes which can last for 10 to 15 minutes. Killing the Pokémon Go app and relaunch or restarting the phone usually would not fix the issue.


There is a simple fix for this. All it needs for is a game refresh. Try to open your Journal which will force the game to refresh and then you should be able to enter battle again.


2. Visit another gym

If refreshing does not work, try to visit another gym. The error should be fixed for the problematic gym after you went into another gym.


3. Sign Out

The fastest and easiest way to fix this problem is to sign out of your account and re-login. This will force the game to refresh your account instead of being stuck in gym for 10-15 minutes.