Lure Module


Lure Module attracts Pokémon to a Pokestop for 30 minutes. The effect benefits other people nearby.


Lure Module FAQ

Does the effect of Incense and Lure Module stack?

Yes. Incense can be used concurrently with Lure Module. The effect will stack and increase the frequency of encountering Pokémon.

Do note that the effect of Incense will only benefit you. The other trainers around you will only enjoy the effect of the Lure Module.

How many Pokémon will be attracted during the 30 minutes duration?

Lure Module attracts a Pokémon roughly every 5 minutes.

Are Lure Module spawned Pokémon different from Pokémon encountered in the wild?
Pokémon spawned in the wild will despawn after 15 minutes but Pokémon attracted by Incense and Lure Module will despawn after 2.5 minutes.

Does Lure Module make nearby Pokémon move closer to me?

No. Pokémon spawned in the wild will remain there until they are captured or despawn. Lure Module will spawn new Pokémon.

Is Lure Module obtainable from Pokestop?

No. Lure Module together with Incense, Lucky Egg, and Egg Incubator are not obtainable from Pokestops.


When to Use Lure Module

Lure Module benefits anyone nearby, so it’s better to use it when there are lots of people in the area.


How to Obtain Lure Module

Level Up Bonus

Trainer Level Lure Module Amount
8 1 Lure Module
10 1 Lure Module
15 1 Lure Module
20 2 Lure Module
25 1 Lure Module
30 3 Lure Module
35 1 Lure Module
40 4 Lure Module



Coins Required Lure Module Amount
100 PokeCoins 1 Lure Module
680 PokeCoins 8 Lure Module