Experience Gained

Pokémon Bonus

Action XP Gained
Capture a Pokémon 100
Pokémon Flees 25
Every 100th of Species Caught 100
Acquire a New Species of Pokémon 500
Evolve a Pokémon 500


Throwing Bonus

Throw Type XP Gained
Curve Ball 10
Nice Throw 10
Great Throw 50
Excellent Throw 100


Hatching Eggs

Egg Distance XP Gained
2.0 km 200
5.0 km 500
10.0 km 1,000


Checking PokéStop

PokéStop is your main place to collect and restock items. After spinning a PokéStop, it will be on cooldown for 5 minutes. If you spin a chain of 10 different PokéStops with no more than 10 minutes between each stop, you will get more items on the 10th PokéStop.

Action XP Gained
Check a PokéStop 50
Check 10th unique PokéStop 100


Gym Combat

Attacking allied and enemy gym gives different experience. For an allied gym, it will depend on the CP ratio between attacker and defender. But for an enemy gym, the number of Pokémon defeated is used for calculation.

Action XP Gained
Defeat an Enemy Pokémon 100
Bonus for Fully Clearing Pokémon in Enemy Gym 50
Defeat a Lower CP Ally 31 * (Defender CP / Attacker CP) – 5
Defeat a Higher CP Ally 50 * (Defender CP / Attacker CP)