PokéStop Overview

  • PokéStop is your main place to collect and restock items.
  • Basic items like Pokeballs, potions, revives, and berries are easily obtainable from PokéStops.
  • After spinning a PokéStop, it will be on cooldown for 5 minutes.


Drop Rates

Items Drop Rate Ratio
Pokeballs 70% 16:3:1 (Pokeball:Great:Ultra)
Potions 15% 10:4:2:1 (Potion:Super:Hyper:Max)
Revives 7.5%
Berries 7.5%


Discard extra items

With a limited bag space, your item will be full quite often. Clicking on the trash can icon on the right of the item will let you remove surplus items, freeing up bag space.

  • Discard lower potions. As you level up, you will unlock more powerful potions , and some can fully heal your Pokémon at one go. If you are not constantly fighting in gym, remove some lower potions from the bag.
  • Discard revives. Same like potions, revives are rarely used if you don’t battle in gym all the time. Keep a minimum amount of up to 40 revives and feel free to discard the excess.
  • Discard Pokeballs. Discarding Pokeballs is not really recommended but if you have been on a farming streak and got too many Pokeballs to be able to store other items, discard some of your normal Pokeballs to make space for other items.


PokéStop Tips

  • Spinning a PokéStop and immediately close it by hitting “x” will still give you items.
  • If your bag is full, PokéStop will still give you XP for spinning.
  • If your bag is near full, you can still get items from a PokéStop and exceed the item limit. But you will not be able to use PokéStop if you are above the item limit.
  • If you spin a chain of 10 different PokéStops with no more than 10 minutes between each stop, you will get more items on the 10th PokéStop. There will be at least 6 items and 100 XP.


Origin of PokéStop

Pokémon Go was developed by Niantic Labs where its previous location-based game is Ingress. In Ingress, players submit landmarks, locations with artistic and cultural values to be approved by Niantic as portals. Out of 70% to 80% of these portals are chosen to be placed as PokéStops and gyms for Pokémon Go.


Submission for portals in Ingress has been closed since last year in preparation for the release of Pokémon Go. Once everything smoothens up, it will be reopened soon.