Evolving and Powering up Pokémon

Evolve and Power Up will make your Pokémon stronger.

Evolve and Power Up

Hatching Eggs

Eggs are obtainable from the PokéStop and each trainer will be able to keep up to 9 eggs at a time.

Hatch Eggs

How to Track Pokémon

When encountering a Pokémon, you can straight away identify by the tiny ring surrounding it whether it is spawned in the wild or attracted by items.

Track Pokémon


PokéStop is your main place to collect and restock items.


Power Leveling

In Pokémon Go, leveling up your trainer is critical. Trainer level will directly affect the CP of wild Pokémon encounters, so that means stronger and more powerful Pokémon and be more competent in gyms.

Power Leveling

Starter Guide for New Trainers

As tempting as it is to power up and make your Pokémon stronger, don’t do it yet. Pokémon are replaced every few levels.

Beginner’s Guide