Berries increase the chance to catch a Pokémon on your next throw.


Razz Berry


Feed this to a Pokémon then on your next Pokeball throw will have a higher chance of capture. Razz Berry will be unlocked as your trainer reach level 8 and could be obtained from Pokestops.


When To Use Razz Berry

Use this when you want increased chance of capture during wild Pokémon encounters.


How To Obtain Razz Berry

Razz Berry are obtainable from Pokestops once your trainer reaches level 8.


Other Berries

While only Razz Berry are obtainable at the moment, few other berries are detected in the apk.





These berries appear in the following order:

  • Bluk Berry
  • Nanab Berry
  • Wepar Berry
  • Pinap Berry