Best Pokémon Go Cartoon – Gotta See ‘Em All

Pokémon Go took the world by storm and many artists just cannot resist to draw the popular cartoon characters simply because they are so cute. Artist Lisa Rye brings us some Pokémon Go inspired cartoon which are hilariously funny.


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Pokémon Fanart – Realistic Pokémon Series

Ever wondered how Pokémon will look like if they were real? Artist Morita Yuuki brings us the realistic Pokémon series where lifelike Pokémon are featured. They are really terrifying creatures if they were real.


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Pokémon Fanart – Metal Hybrid Pokémon Concept Art

Hybrid Pokémon that are part metal and part organic composition equipped with advance weaponry and armor. For more fanart, visit Frame Wars.


Hybrid Mewtwo



Hybrid Snorlax



Hybrid Lapras



Hybrid Gyarados



Hybrid Charizard



Hybrid Blastoise



Hybrid Venusaur



Source: Frame Wars