Power Leveling

In Pokémon Go, leveling up your trainer is critical. Trainer level will directly affect the CP of wild Pokémon encounters, so that means stronger and more powerful Pokémon and be more competent in gyms.


Mass Evolving With Lucky Egg

Evolve is the single highest experience gain action in the game apart from discovering a new Pokémon. Each evolution will give you 500 XP. On the other hand, Lucky Egg will double the experience gain for the duration of 30 minutes. You can set aside a time and do this at your convenience.


Within the 30 minutes period of a Lucky Egg, you will be able to evolve roughly 60 to 80 Pokémon. You will also get 1000 XP for discovering new Pokémon this way with the effect of Lucky Egg. Trainers below level 20 can easily gain 3 or more levels within the timespan of a Lucky Egg by mass evolving.


Preparation Before Using Lucky Egg

  • Double check that you have the required amount of Pokémon and candy for mass evolution. Pidgeys, Caterpies, and Weedles will be the easiest since each evolution only costs 12 candies. After exhausting these, Rattatas could be used as well with a 25 candy cost per evolution.
  • Remember that after each evolution, you will get back 1 candy and if you decide to transfer the evolved Pokémon back to the professor, you can get back another candy. Thus, a Pidgey which normally needs 12 candy to evolve will only cost 10 candy.
  • Since discovering new Pokémon this way will give you extra experience, plan which Pokémon you wish to evolve to a higher form and keep for battle use. The best indicator for this is to evolve a Pokémon with high CP and strong IV value. But I would advice against this if your trainer level is still low as you would naturally encounter stronger Pokémon as you gain level.
  • Aim to catch unevolved Pokémon if you want the candy for mass evolution since they give the same amount of candy, unless you need them for your Pokedex.
  • Aim to catch lower CP Pokémon since they are easier to catch and worth the same amount of candy anyway.