Lucky Egg


Lucky egg doubles all the XP earned for 30 minutes, so you want to spend that time efficiently. The first free Lucky Egg will be given at level 9. It can also be bought from the shop but you won’t be able to get Lucky Egg from Pokestops.


When To Use Lucky Egg

Evolving a Pokémon gives 500 XP, making it a perfect action to be used together with the Lucky Egg’s double XP when evolving lots of common Pokémon. There will also be another 500 XP bonus for discovering new Pokémon this way.


Within the 30 minutes timeframe, be prepared to have around 60 to 80 Pokémon to be evolved. You can also mix it up with some other activities that gain XP during that timespan if you do not have enough Pokémon to evolve.


How To Obtain Lucky Egg

Level Up Bonus

Trainer Level Egg Amount
9 1 Lucky Egg
10 1 Lucky Egg
15 1 Lucky Egg
20 2 Lucky Eggs
25 1 Lucky Egg
30 3 Lucky Eggs
35 1 Lucky Egg
40 4 Lucky Eggs



Coins Required Egg Amount
80 PokeCoins 1 Lucky Egg
500 PokeCoins 8 Lucky Eggs
1,250 PokeCoins 25 Lucky Eggs