Incense attracts Pokémon to the trainer’s location for 30 minutes.


Incense FAQ

Does the effect of Incense and Lure Module stack?

Yes. Incense can be used concurrently with Lure Module. The effect will stack and increase the frequency of encountering Pokémon.

Do note that the effect of Incense will only benefit you. The other trainers around you will only enjoy the effect of the Lure Module.

How many Pokémon will be attracted during the 30 minutes duration?

  • When stationary, Incense attracts a Pokémon roughly every 5 minutes.
  • When moving, every 200 meters traveled will increase the spawn rate of 1 Pokémon a minute.

Are Incense spawned Pokémon different from Pokémon encountered in the wild?
Pokémon spawned in the wild will despawn after 15 minutes but Pokémon attracted by Incense and Lure Module will despawn after 2.5 minutes. Pokémon attracted by Incense will be surrounded by a swirl of purple gas. Only the user of Incense will be able to see and catch Pokémon spawned by Incense.

Does Incense make nearby Pokémon move closer to me?

No. Pokémon spawned in the wild will remain there until they are captured or despawn. Incense will spawn new Pokémon.

My Incense is glitched. No Pokémon is spawning.

Make sure the date and time on your phone is accurate and sync it properly. If you manually adjust your device’s date/time, the servers might think that you are attempting to cheat and disable the spawn.

Is Incense obtainable from Pokestop?

No. Incense together with Lure Module, Lucky Egg, and Egg Incubator are not obtainable from Pokestops.


When to Use Incense

It is generally a good idea to use Incense while moving as it will generate more Pokémon, up to 1 Pokémon a minute if you travel 200 meters during that timespan.


How to Obtain Incense

Level Up Bonus

Trainer Level Incense Amount
5 1 Incense
7 1 Incense
10 1 Incense
15 1 Incense
20 2 Incense
25 1 Incense
30 3 Incense
35 1 Incense
40 4 Incense



Coins Required Incense Amount
80 PokeCoins 1 Incense
500 PokeCoins 8 Incense
1,250 PokeCoins 25 Incense