Pokémon Go Spawn Points Migration And Changes

Pokémon Go is going through a major nest migration right now. This round, the migration has been randomized further with changing spawn points as well.


Pokémon Go Spawn Points Changes

Unlike earlier nests migration, there are some changes with spawn points as well:

  • Spawn locations changed.
  • Spawning time are more randomized.
  • Most of the old spawn points was not removed.
  • New spawn points are added.
  • Spawn points possible to spawn evolved Pokémon now.


Although we can’t confirm whether these changes is a buff or a nerf, the reports are indicating that Niantic is adding more spawn points rather than rearranging them. At the same time, the nests migration is on-going globally. There are hardly any nests that are not affected.


Nests Spawn Evolved Pokémon


Players have also noticed that nests can spawn evolved Pokémon now. Some players reported Venusaur, Jolteon, Machamp, and other higher tier evolution Pokémon spawning on their respective nests.


For a full list of reported nests changes, you can go to: Pokémon Go Nest Change List

Pokémon Go Nest Change List

Pokémon Go is going through the third major nest migration. Nests in Pokémon Go are real world locations where the same type of rare Pokémon spawns massively. There have also been reports of changing spawn points buzzing all over Reddit.


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