Pokémon Go 0.39.0 New Anti Cheat System

Pokémon Go is a very popular real world game of today. But as with any successful game, cheating is a common problem which follow suit. Niantic Labs have taken action against some of these cheaters by dropping the ban hammer on players guilty of using cheat tools.


Pokémon Go 0.35.0

As of version 0.35.0, a new method for fighting bots was discovered in the apk – captcha. When the server detects abnormal player behavior, they could be prompted with a captcha screen. These are mostly used for fighting with the bots and trackers.


Pokémon Go 0.37.0

For version 0.37.0, rooted Android devices (and jailbroken iOS devices) are blocked from loading the game.


Pokémon Go 0.39.0

We found more anti cheating security added into the latest version of Pokémon Go 0.39.0:


  • get_ShouldShowCheatWarning
  • set_ShouldShowCheatWarning
  • <ShouldShowCheatWarning>k__BackingField
  • ShouldShowCheatWarning