How to Track Pokémon

When encountering a Pokémon, you can straight away identify by the tiny ring surrounding it whether it is spawned in the wild or attracted by items.

  • White ring – Wild Pokémon spawned naturally.
  • Pinkish to purple ring – Pokémon spawned by a lure module.
  • Pink cloud – Pokémon spawned by incense (this could only be seen by you).


Wild Pokémon

  • Pokémon will be stationary when spawned.
  • Everyone in the vicinity can see the same Pokémon and catching it doesn’t despawn for others.
  • Wild Pokémon has a 15 minutes despawn time.
  • Wild Pokémon seems to spawn at the same spawning point, and it is rumored that the same spot will spawn a new Pokémon every hour at the same minute.
  • If there are abnormally high amount of rare Pokémon of the same type spawning in an area, it is called a nest. Not those common Pokémon like rattata and pidgey which could be found anywhere.


Lure Module and Incense

  • Lure module and incense spawns a new Pokémon roughly every 5 minutes, giving 6 Pokémon for its 30 minutes timespan.
  • Incense will increase the spawn rate of 1 Pokémon a minute every 200 meters traveled when moving.
  • Pokémon spawned by incense can only be seen by you.
  • The effect of lure module benefits everyone nearby.
  • These Pokémon despawns in 2.5 minutes.


Additional Info

  • Wild Pokémon has a predetermined spawning point and does not spawn at random spots. It is rumored that Pokémon will respawn every hour on the same minute at those spawning spots.
  • There are rumors that the more Pokémon captured from a spawning spot, the more often that it will respawn, up to 15 minutes once.
  • Spawned Pokémon does not move and will be stationary.
  • Wild Pokémon will despawn after 15 minutes. Pokémon from lure module and incense will despawn after 2.5 minutes.
  • If two trainers encounter the same Pokémon, the CP might be different but the IV, weight, and height will remain the same.
  • Two trainers of the same level will encounter Pokémon that will have the exact same CP.
  • Captured Pokémon max at level 30 and will be upgradable till level 40.