Pokémon Go Update Kills FastPokeMap And Every Other Map Scanner

Niantic is determined to block third party developers from accessing their servers to extract data. Popular map scanner like PokéVision was killed previously, but new ones pop up days later.


The Captcha security was enforced yesterday where suspicious players will be presented with a reCaptcha which must be solved in order to continue the game. This proved to be a problem for scanners and botters, since the accounts are managed by machines, and there will be no way to solve the reCaptcha without a human input.


FastPokeMap Solved the reCaptcha Problem

Developer behind FastPokeMap found a solution rather quickly. The scans continue as usual since implementing the workaround.


FastPokeMap is Down

However, things started look bad again as Niantic pushes another security update that completely block all third party services from accessing Pokémon Go servers. A complete reverse engineering is needed if they so wish to go on.

At the moment, all third party Pokémon Go scanners are down, and there are no definite answer of when if it will ever come back online again.


In addition to that, Niantic has recently updated their SafetyNet which prevents rooted devices from running Pokémon Go. This happened earlier this week which blocks usual solutions like Magisk from working as well. We are not sure what this means for the future of FPM, but stay tuned for any update.


Update: Pokémon Go Map That Still Works In October

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