Pokémon Go Captcha System Live, Beware Cheaters

In the latest Pokémon Go update, Niantic has enforced their security and added captcha to prevent game cheaters from using bots and other third party trackers to gain unfair advantage. But the catch is that they haven’t enforced it back then. The new security is found in the coding waiting for Niantic to flip the switch on their side to activate it.


Pokémon Go Captcha System Live


As first reported in reddit, the captcha system is live now. When they detect any suspicious behaviour or activity, the captcha will pop-up to confirm that the trainer is not cheating. It is trying to block players from cheating in the gameplay which is intended for authentic Pokémon Go players, not third party apps that use machines or robots to manipulate the game. This will in a way deter third party apps from accessing the game since captcha will be hard to be solved by machines.


Permanent Ban For Cheating


So beware botters, Niantic has initiated a permanent ban policy for game cheaters. This security feature will also try to block third party map trackers. One of the hackers behind the bot called Insta-PokeGo, Steven Bartell did admit that the captcha would be hard to crack.


Developer of the most popular Pokémon Go map scanner, FastPokeMap is still trying to look for a workaround. But without knowing how it is triggered, this will be tough to bypass. This is what he posted in his latest tweet:


Hackers will always find a way to get around it. The hacks and adding security by developers are always a cat and mouse game. At the meantime, just stay tuned for more updates and let’s get out and catch ’em all.

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