Pokémon Go Map Scanner, FastPokeMap Is Working Again

FastPokeMap, the biggest Pokémon Go map scanner is working again. After being offline for more than two weeks, FastPokeMap is back on Sunday, October 23.


FastPokeMap Finds Pokémon In Real Time Again

Niantic pushed an update for Pokémon Go on October 7 which forced all third party trackers and bots to be offline. FPM developer with the help of third party developer community managed to crack the new algorithm on October 21.


FastPokeMap is working again but the developer says that the scans are still spotty. We have tried it and the scans are working as expected. FPM developer will work on it and bring it fully operational within a day.


Solving the new encryption does not remove the captcha security. FPM will still have to deal with captcha which is handled by a captcha solving service now. As more people realize that FPM is back, the load will increase and only time will tell whether the cost of running the scanner is sustainable.


Trainers will be able to see real time Pokémon on FastPokeMap.se.


PokeMesh, PokeAlert, And Other Scanners Will Be Coming Back Too

Once it is finished, the developer of FPM will release the new API to the public as promised earlier. That means other real time Pokémon Go scanners will be back too. Pokémon Go bots might be back as well but they will have to deal with the captcha security as well.

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