Graveler Stats For Pokémon Go

#075 / Graveler

Name#075 / Graveler
AboutGRAVELER grows by feeding on rocks. Apparently, it prefers to eat rocks that are covered in moss. This Pokémon eats its way through a ton of rocks on a daily basis.
ClassificationRock Pokémon
Type(s)Rock  Ground
Strength (0.8x)Normal Fire Electric Poison Flying Rock
Weakness (1.25x)Water Grass Ice Fighting Ground Steel
Fast Attack(s)Rock Throw Rock STAB 12 Damage | Compare
Mud Slap Ground STAB 15 Damage | Compare
Special Attack(s)Rock Slide Rock STAB 50 Damage | Compare
Dig Ground STAB 70 Damage | Compare
Stone Edge Rock STAB 80 Damage | Compare
Avg Weight91.88 kg - 118.13 kg
Avg Height0.88 m - 1.13 m
Buddy Distance1 km
Base Stamina110 stamina points.
Base Attack164 attack points.
Base Defense196 defense points.
Max CP1815
Base Flee Rate7 %
Base Catch Rate20 %
2nd Ball Odds18.60 %
Next Evolution Requirements100
Next evolution(s)-