Geodude Stats For Pokémon Go

#074 / Geodude

Name#074 / Geodude
AboutThe longer a GEODUDE lives, the more its edges are chipped and worn away, making it more rounded in appearance. However, this Pokémon’s heart will remain hard, craggy, and rough always.
ClassificationRock Pokémon
Type(s)Rock  Ground
Strength (0.8x)Normal Fire Electric Poison Flying Rock
Weakness (1.25x)Water Grass Ice Fighting Ground Steel
Fast Attack(s)Rock Throw Rock STAB 12 Damage | Compare
Tackle Normal 12 Damage | Compare
Special Attack(s)Rock Slide Rock STAB 50 Damage | Compare
Dig Ground STAB 70 Damage | Compare
Rock Tomb Rock STAB 30 Damage | Compare
Avg Weight17.50 kg - 22.50 kg
Avg Height0.35 m - 0.45 m
Buddy Distance1 km
Base Stamina80 stamina points.
Base Attack132 attack points.
Base Defense163 defense points.
Max CP1193
Base Flee Rate10 %
Base Catch Rate40 %
2nd Ball Odds36.00 %
Next Evolution Requirements25
Next evolution(s)-