FastPokeMap Shuts Down Pokémon Go Map Scanner Again

FastPokeMap are forced to go offline again as Niantic rolled out a new security measure to stop third party services from accessing their servers.


FastPokeMap Not Working

The developer behind FastPokeMap has just announced that they have to shut down the Pokémon Go map scanner as Niantic’s new security measure disrupts their operation.


FPM managed to crack the new algorithm of Pokémon Go and came back online last Sunday after being offline for more than two weeks. The scanning service is not as smooth as before since it were back as the developer is still working to bring it back to 100%.

Niantic is working hard to prevent any third party services from bypassing their security. Google’s SafetyNet was deployed to prevent the app from running in rooted Android devices. The new algorithm is trying to block all third party access with heavy encryption. Captcha security will be presented for any unusual activity, and need to be solved by a real user. The new 30mph speed limit also slows down scanning operations.


When Will FastPokeMap Be Back?

FastPokeMap developer will work on the new API on this weekend and will try to bring the Pokémon scanner back. They are not giving up on the fight yet, at least not until Niantic decides to implement a working in-game tracker.


At the mean time, FastPokeMap is still working 1/10 of the time until a fix is implemented. There are other community based trackers which are still working at the time being: Pokémon Go Map That Still Works In October

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