Pokémon Go Map That Still Works In October

Niantic has pushed few security updates which are aimed at third party services. Scanners, trackers, and botters faced a hurdle when the Captcha system was implemented but that does not kill them off totally. Just when these third party services are about to solve the reCaptcha problem. Niantic updated the API which disabled all access for these third party scanners and botters.


Pokémon Go Scanners Are Not Working

All popular Pokémon Go scanners like FastPokeMap, PokeMesh, PokeAlert, ScanGo, OpenPokeMaps, PokeOnMap, and PokeDetector are down.


Creator of the biggest Pokémon Go map scanner, FastPokeMap is confident that he will be able to break the new encryption. There is no confirmation on when these scanners will be back, but it only took FPM 5 days to reverse engineer and bring the scanner back online in August.


Pokémon Go Map And Trackers That Still Work

In the meantime, trainers can choose to play blindly for awhile or try alternative Pokémon Go maps while these scanners are offline.


Go Radar

Most if not all real-time Pokémon Go scanners are down. There are community based Pokémon Go map which gathers spawn locations based on mass user input that still works. One of these map is Go Radar which tracks over 140,000 spawn points using crowdsourced data from their users. Although their web service is down at the moment due to Google Maps request limit reached, their Go Radar iOS app is working fine.



Another such service is PokeRadar. Since this service is based on user input, it will work especially well in areas where there are more PokeRadar users and in cities. You can view all the nearby Pokémon in your area that was discovered by yourself and other PokeRadar users. PokeRadar can be accessed from the web or as an iOS app.



There is a new community based Pokémon Go map, PokePsychic. There are over 3,000,000 crowd sourced spawn points and only verified spawn points are shown. Their predictive algorithm will determine the timing of future spawns with a pretty high accuracy. PokePsychic is available on iOS and they are working for an Android release soon.


SilphRoad Nest Atlas

SilphRoad recently brought us the Nest Atlas which maps the world’s nest. The SilphRoad community is known to stay up to date with every nest migration. This Pokémon Go map will show you historical and predictable nest that is near you.


Pokémon Go Map That Still Works In October


Did we miss out any Pokémon Go map that is still working at the moment? Do let us know in the comments below.


Update: Pokémon Go Map That Still Works In November

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