How To Fix Pokémon Go Lags And Stuttering After The Latest Update 0.43.3 And 1.13.3

Since Niantic released the latest update for Pokémon Go on October 23, many players are experiencing very laggy gameplay and stuttering issues. This problem affects iPhone 5 players the most, making it impossible to play Pokémon Go on their devices and in some cases, it would not even load the game.


Solution For Pokémon Go Lag

First reported in Reddit, the experience is unbearable and players can barely catch Pokémon after updated to the latest version 0.43.3 for Android and 1.13.3 for iOS.


Fortunately, the player community have found a simple solution for this problem.


Try to turn off the music and sound effects in the game settings. This might be inconvenient for some but it should bring your game back to normal right away.


We hope this solution solved your Pokémon Go lags. Spread the words and let every trainer be aware of this.

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