Lure Modules And Incense Not Attracting Pokémon?

Lure modules and Incense are two items in Pokémon Go that attracts Pokémon to you. Lures are modules that are placed on a PokéStop and will attract Pokémon to the specific location. Incense will go with you wherever you walk and will attract Pokémon to you.


Why Lure Modules And Incense Are Not Working?

While these items are good to help you catch ’em all, it is not working properly for some trainers. There are complains that there are no Pokémon attracted even after activating a lure module or incense.


There are many known issues and bugs which trainers encounter while playing Pokémon Go. It is not highlighted in any of Niantic’s official guidelines. Fortunately though, players found the solutions and share it out to help others with the same problem.


If the lure module or incense is not working on your device, try switching your phone’s time to the network time in the phone’s settings. This trick usually solves the problem and it is worth a try if these two features are not working properly for you.

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