Poliwhirl Stats For Pokémon Go

#061 / Poliwhirl

Name#061 / Poliwhirl
AboutThe surface of POLIWHIRL’s body is always wet and slick with an oily fluid. Because of this greasy covering, it can easily slip and slide out of the clutches of any enemy in battle.
ClassificationTadpole Pokémon
Strength (0.8x)Fire Water Ice Steel
Weakness (1.25x)Electric Grass
Fast Attack(s)Bubble Water STAB 25 Damage | Compare
Mud Shot Ground 6 Damage | Compare
Special Attack(s)Scald Water STAB 55 Damage | Compare
Bubble Beam Water STAB 30 Damage | Compare
Mud Bomb Ground 30 Damage | Compare
Avg Weight17.50 kg - 22.50 kg
Avg Height0.88 m - 1.13 m
Buddy Distance3 km
Base Stamina130 stamina points.
Base Attack130 attack points.
Base Defense130 defense points.
Max CP1313
Base Flee Rate7 %
Base Catch Rate20 %
2nd Ball Odds18.60 %
Next Evolution Requirements100
Next evolution(s)-