Ninetales Stats For Pokémon Go

#038 / Ninetales

Name#038 / Ninetales
AboutNINETALES casts a sinister light from its bright red eyes to gain total control over its foe’s mind. This Pokémon is said to live for a thousand years.
ClassificationFox Pokémon
Strength (0.8x)Fire Grass Ice Bug Steel Fairy
Weakness (1.25x)Water Ground Rock
Fast Attack(s)Feint Attack Dark 12 Damage | Compare
Ember Fire STAB 10 Damage | Compare
Special Attack(s)Heat Wave Fire STAB 80 Damage | Compare
Fire Blast Fire STAB 100 Damage | Compare
Flamethrower Fire STAB 55 Damage | Compare
Avg Weight17.41 kg - 22.39 kg
Avg Height0.96 m - 1.24 m
Buddy Distance3 km
Base Stamina146 stamina points.
Base Attack169 attack points.
Base Defense204 defense points.
Max CP2157
Base Flee Rate6 %
Base Catch Rate8 %
2nd Ball Odds7.52 %
Next Evolution Requirements-
Next evolution(s)-