Nidoran ♂ Stats For Pokémon Go

#032 / Nidoran ♂

Name#032 / Nidoran ♂
AboutThe male NIDORAN has developed muscles for moving its ears. Thanks to them, the ears can be freely moved in any direction. Even the slightest sound does not escape this Pokémon’s notice.
ClassificationPoison pin Pokémon
Strength (0.8x)Grass Fighting Poison Bug Fairy
Weakness (1.25x)Ground Psychic
Fast Attack(s)Poison Sting Poison STAB 6 Damage | Compare
Peck Flying 10 Damage | Compare
Special Attack(s)Horn Attack Normal 25 Damage | Compare
Body Slam Normal 40 Damage | Compare
Sludge Bomb Poison STAB 55 Damage | Compare
Avg Weight7.88 kg - 10.13 kg
Avg Height0.44 m - 0.56 m
Buddy Distance3 km
Base Stamina92 stamina points.
Base Attack105 attack points.
Base Defense76 defense points.
Max CP739
Base Flee Rate15 %
Base Catch Rate40 %
2nd Ball Odds34.00 %
Next Evolution Requirements25
Next evolution(s)-