Dugtrio Stats For Pokémon Go

#051 / Dugtrio

Name#051 / Dugtrio
AboutDUGTRIO are actually triplets that emerged from one body. As a result, each triplet thinks exactly like the other two triplets. They work cooperatively to burrow endlessly.
ClassificationMole Pokémon
Strength (0.8x)Electric Poison Rock
Weakness (1.25x)Water Grass Ice
Fast Attack(s)Sucker Punch Dark 7 Damage | Compare
Mud Slap Ground STAB 15 Damage | Compare
Special Attack(s)Stone Edge Rock 80 Damage | Compare
Earthquake Ground STAB 100 Damage | Compare
Mud Bomb Ground STAB 30 Damage | Compare
Avg Weight29.14 kg - 37.46 kg
Avg Height0.61 m - 0.79 m
Buddy Distance3 km
Base Stamina70 stamina points.
Base Attack167 attack points.
Base Defense147 defense points.
Max CP1333
Base Flee Rate6 %
Base Catch Rate16 %
2nd Ball Odds15.04 %
Next Evolution Requirements-
Next evolution(s)-