Aerodactyl Stats For Pokémon Go

#142 / Aerodactyl

Name#142 / Aerodactyl
AboutAERODACTYL is a Pokémon from the age of dinosaurs. It was regenerated from genetic material extracted from amber. It is imagined to have been the king of the skies in ancient times.
ClassificationFossil Pokémon
Type(s)Rock  Flying
Strength (0.8x)Normal Fire Poison Flying Bug
Weakness (1.25x)Water Electric Ice Rock Steel
Fast Attack(s)Bite Dark 6 Damage | Compare
Steel Wing Steel 15 Damage | Compare
Special Attack(s)Iron Head Steel 30 Damage | Compare
Hyper Beam Normal 120 Damage | Compare
Ancient Power Rock STAB 35 Damage | Compare
Avg Weight51.63 kg - 66.38 kg
Avg Height1.57 m - 2.02 m
Buddy Distance5 km
Base Stamina160 stamina points.
Base Attack221 attack points.
Base Defense164 defense points.
Max CP2608
Base Flee Rate9 %
Base Catch Rate16 %
2nd Ball Odds14.56 %
Next Evolution Requirements-
Next evolution(s)-