Pokémon Go Update Will Add Catch Bonus To Make Catching Rare Pokémon Easier

Pokémon Go’s next update is almost here. What new features are in your mind? Today, Niantic Labs gave a sneak peek to one of the new feature which will make the grind worthwhile. This new update will improve the catching experience and make it easier to catch rare Pokémon.


Soon, the catch medals in your profile page will mean a little more than just a trophy case. There will be a catch bonus for every medal earned, catch enough Pokémon of a certain type, and you will gain a bonus for catching that type of Pokémon.

Niantic states that this new feature will assist trainers to increase the odds of catching rare Pokémon. This will be great, since we know how high level trainers suffer from the number of fleeing Pokémon. With the new catch bonus, it will be worthwhile to catch Pidgeys and Spearows once again, so that when you do encounter a Dragonite, at least you will have a catch bonus since they are all Flying type.

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