Pokémon Go Tips: How To Throw Pokeball Like A Pro

In most Pokémon games, the adventure begins with catching Pocket Monsters also known as Pokémons. For Pokémon Go, it is more exciting as players can actually go out into the real world in search of Pokémons.


There is a lot more to catching Pokémon than simply hurling a Pokeball across the screen. For example, you will know how rare or how difficult a Pokémon is to catch by looking at the color of the ring around the Pokémon.

  • A green ring indicates a common Pokémon and easy to catch.
  • A orange ring indicates a rarer Pokémon which is of intermediate difficulty.
  • A red ring around a Pokémon is extremely hard to catch.

Techniques in throwing a Pokeball

Minimize wastage

If you threw a Pokeball and miss, quickly tap on the Pokeball before it disappears.


Aim at the Pokémon’s shadow

Whether it is a flying Pokémon or not, there will be a little shadow beneath them. It is actually easier to follow the Pokémon’s shadow when throwing a Pokeball.


Shrinking circle

Once you are holding on the Pokeball, you will notice that the circle is shrinking. There will be a bonus experience point for landing on the Pokémon within that circle, depending on how small the circle shrinks. You will have the highest chance to capture a Pokémon when the colored ring is at its smallest.


Throw from the top of your screen

A Redditor found a better way to throw Pokeballs. Instead of  the usual throw which is from the bottom of the screen, you can actually start from the top. This method has proved to increase the chance to land a Pokeball inside the inner ring for many players.


How to throw a curveball in Pokémon Go

The curveball is an interesting technique which not only looks cool but will give you bonus experience. Start by holding down on the Pokeball, then start spinning the Pokeball in a circular motion as if you were drawing a circle. Keep an eye on the circle around the Pokémon that you are targeting. When it gets small enough, just swipe your Pokeball towards it.

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