New Pokemon Go Poster!

Pokemon Go fan art


These are all new Pokémon GO Fan Art that create by Pokémon fans which is Justin Luu! Every poster just so nice and totally matching what we are waiting for! What will really happen if Pokémon is real? And it’s just around you? Let’s enjoy these fantastic fan art and hope together that Pokémon GO will be release as soon as possible!



GO CAPTIVATE. Pokémon name: Suicune

GO ADVENTURE. Pokémon name: Sceptile

GO CHAMPION. Pokémon name: Mega Charizard X, Mega Reyquaza

GO WILD. Pokémon name: PikachuPokemon_GO_Lapras

GO DISCOVER. Pokémon name: LaprasPokemon_Go_Gengar

GO RELIVE. Pokémon name: GengarPokemon_GO_Dragonite

GO BOLDLY. Pokémon name: Dragonite

Below these 3 are created by Dane Cozens, another amazing fan art for Pokémon GO by last year! Let’s take a look too! Pokemon at below are Charizard, Blastoise and Venusaur.

CharizardBlastoise Venasaur


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