What Type Beats Starmie in Pokémon Go

What moves are good against Starmie? Find out the moves that are Super Effective Against Starmie and will assist you to beat Starmie easily. These moves will have type advantage and since Starmie is weak against these type of moves, it will deal the Most Damage to Starmie.

Fast Attack That Against Starmie

Move NameTypeDamageDPSMove LengthDamage Length
SparkElectric710.00700 ms200 ms
Thunder ShockElectric58.33600 ms200 ms
Razor LeafGrass1510.341450 ms200 ms
Vine WhipGrass710.77650 ms200 ms
Bug BiteBug511.11450 ms200 ms
Fury CutterBug37.50400 ms200 ms
LickGhost510.00500 ms200 ms
Shadow ClawGhost1111.58950 ms200 ms
BiteDark612.00500 ms200 ms
Feint AttackDark1211.541040 ms200 ms
Sucker PunchDark710.00700 ms200 ms

Charge Attack That Against Starmie

Move NameTypeDamageDPSMove LengthDamage Length
DischargeElectric3514.002500 ms700 ms
ThunderElectric10023.264300 ms1550 ms
Thunder PunchElectric4016.672400 ms250 ms
ThunderboltElectric5520.372700 ms800 ms
Leaf BladeGrass5519.642800 ms1000 ms
Petal BlizzardGrass6520.313200 ms1000 ms
Power WhipGrass7025.002800 ms1300 ms
Seed BombGrass4016.672400 ms500 ms
Solar BeamGrass12024.494900 ms1700 ms
Bug BuzzBug7517.654250 ms1500 ms
MegahornBug8025.003200 ms300 ms
Signal BeamBug4514.523100 ms1000 ms
X ScissorBug3516.672100 ms250 ms
Ominous WindGhost309.683100 ms250 ms
Shadow BallGhost4514.613080 ms300 ms
Dark PulseDark4512.863500 ms1100 ms
Night SlashDark3011.112700 ms200 ms