What Type Beats Rhydon in Pokémon Go

What moves are good against Rhydon? Find out the moves that are Super Effective Against Rhydon and will assist you to beat Rhydon easily. These moves will have type advantage and since Rhydon is weak against these type of moves, it will deal the Most Damage to Rhydon.

Fast Attack That Against Rhydon

Move NameTypeDamageDPSMove LengthDamage Length
BubbleWater2510.872300 ms200 ms
SplashWater00.001230 ms200 ms
Water GunWater612.00500 ms200 ms
Razor LeafGrass1510.341450 ms200 ms
Vine WhipGrass710.77650 ms200 ms
Frost BreathIce911.11810 ms200 ms
Ice ShardIce1510.711400 ms200 ms
Karate ChopFighting67.50800 ms200 ms
Low KickFighting58.33600 ms200 ms
Rock SmashFighting1510.641410 ms200 ms
Mud ShotGround610.91550 ms200 ms
Mud SlapGround1511.111350 ms200 ms
Bullet PunchSteel108.331200 ms200 ms
Metal ClawSteel812.70630 ms200 ms
Steel WingSteel1511.281330 ms200 ms

Charge Attack That Against Rhydon

Move NameTypeDamageDPSMove LengthDamage Length
Aqua JetWater2510.642350 ms400 ms
Aqua TailWater4519.152350 ms200 ms
BrineWater2510.422400 ms350 ms
Bubble BeamWater3010.342900 ms200 ms
Hydro PumpWater9023.683800 ms2100 ms
ScaldWater5513.754000 ms2100 ms
Water PulseWater3510.613300 ms1000 ms
Leaf BladeGrass5519.642800 ms1000 ms
Petal BlizzardGrass6520.313200 ms1000 ms
Power WhipGrass7025.002800 ms1300 ms
Seed BombGrass4016.672400 ms500 ms
Solar BeamGrass12024.494900 ms1700 ms
BlizzardIce10025.643900 ms0 ms
Ice BeamIce6517.813650 ms1350 ms
Ice PunchIce4512.863500 ms1100 ms
Icy WindIce256.583800 ms700 ms
Brick BreakFighting3018.751600 ms400 ms
Cross ChopFighting6030.002000 ms300 ms
Low SweepFighting3013.332250 ms150 ms
SubmissionFighting3014.292100 ms150 ms
Bone ClubGround2515.631600 ms250 ms
BulldozeGround3510.293400 ms1100 ms
DigGround7012.075800 ms400 ms
Drill RunGround5014.713400 ms700 ms
EarthquakeGround10023.814200 ms1950 ms
Mud BombGround3011.542600 ms450 ms
Flash CannonSteel6015.383900 ms1100 ms
Iron HeadSteel3015.002000 ms250 ms
Magnet BombSteel3010.712800 ms550 ms