Raticate Stats For Pokémon Go

#020 / Raticate

Name#020 / Raticate
AboutRATICATE’s sturdy fangs grow steadily. To keep them ground down, it gnaws on rocks and logs. It may even chew on the walls of houses.
ClassificationMouse Pokémon
Strength (0.8x)Ghost
Weakness (1.25x)Fighting
Fast Attack(s)Bite Dark 6 Damage | Compare
Quick Attack Normal STAB 10 Damage | Compare
Special Attack(s)Dig Ground 70 Damage | Compare
Hyper Fang Normal STAB 35 Damage | Compare
Hyper Beam Normal STAB 120 Damage | Compare
Avg Weight16.19 kg - 20.81 kg
Avg Height0.61 m - 0.79 m
Buddy Distance1 km
Base Stamina110 stamina points.
Base Attack161 attack points.
Base Defense144 defense points.
Max CP1549
Base Flee Rate7 %
Base Catch Rate16 %
2nd Ball Odds14.88 %
Next Evolution Requirements-
Next evolution(s)-