Kadabra Stats For Pokémon Go

#064 / Kadabra

Name#064 / Kadabra
AboutKADABRA emits a peculiar alpha wave if it develops a headache. Only those people with a particularly strong psyche can hope to become a TRAINER of this Pokémon.
ClassificationPsi Pokémon
Strength (0.8x)Fighting Psychic
Weakness (1.25x)Bug Ghost Dark
Fast Attack(s)Confusion Psychic STAB 15 Damage | Compare
Psycho Cut Psychic STAB 7 Damage | Compare
Special Attack(s)Shadow Ball Ghost 45 Damage | Compare
Dazzling Gleam Fairy 55 Damage | Compare
Psybeam Psychic STAB 40 Damage | Compare
Avg Weight49.44 kg - 63.56 kg
Avg Height1.14 m - 1.46 m
Buddy Distance3 km
Base Stamina80 stamina points.
Base Attack232 attack points.
Base Defense138 defense points.
Max CP1859
Base Flee Rate7 %
Base Catch Rate20 %
2nd Ball Odds18.60 %
Next Evolution Requirements100
Next evolution(s)-