How To Defeat Gyarados In Pokémon Go

Gyarados is a dual Water and Flying type Pokémon. This flying fossil although does not belong to the Dragon type can actually use Dragon type attacks. That is why it is well worth the 400 candies to evolve a Magikarp. However, Gyarados lose Dragon Breath as its fast attack due to the recent 8/20 update.


Here are the strategies and best move set that is super effective on Gyarados.


Type(s) Max CP Base Attack Base Defense Base Stamina
Water Flying 2689 192 196 190


Which Pokémon is best to take out Gyarados?


Type super effective against Gyarados


Gyarados with Hydro Pump

  • The combination of Bite and Hydro Pump is considered to be the best move set for a Gyarados.
Fast Attack Special Attack
Bite Hydro Pump
1. Dragonite

Dragonite can defeat Gyarados with Bite and Hydro Pump. Hydro Pump which is a Water type attack is not very effective against Dragonite and Dragonite has higher CP compared to other Pokémon.

Best move set for Dragonite to defeat Gyarados

Fast Attack Special Attack
Dragon Breath Dragon Claw


Gyarados with Dragon type special attack

Gyarados is a special Pokémon as it is not a Dragon type but can use Dragon type attacks. However, Gyarados caught after the 8/20 update would not get the Dragon Breath fast attack.

Fast Attack Special Attack
Bite Dragon Pulse
Bite Twister
Dragon Breath Dragon Pulse
Dragon Breath Twister
1. Magneton

Dragon type attacks are not effective against Magneton’s Steel type. However, Magneton’s Electric type attacks are double effective on Gyarados.

Best move set for Magneton to defeat Gyarados

Fast Attack Special Attack
Thunder Shock Discharge
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