7 Faster Ways To Hatch Egg In Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go players in Japan has some catching up to do. With the game officially launched in Japan just few days ago, some determined players came up with ideas that will help them to progress faster.

Apart from catching wild Pokémon, hatching egg is the most rewarding action in game as it will give players bonus experience as well as some rare Pokémons. But in order the hatch an egg, players have to walk a certain number of distance from 2km up to 10km.


Here are the answers from Japan.


1. New hatching equipment


2. Switch on the fan and relax


3. Perhaps swinging will be a better option?


4. Roomba does more than just cleaning


5. Toy trains are popular in Japan


6. Let man’s best friend help


7. Of course you can do it this way too

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