What Type Beats Articuno in Pokémon Go

What moves are good against Articuno? Find out the moves that are Super Effective Against Articuno and will assist you to beat Articuno easily. These moves will have type advantage and since Articuno is weak against these type of moves, it will deal the Most Damage to Articuno.

Fast Attack That Against Articuno

Move NameTypeDamageDPSMove LengthDamage Length
EmberFire109.521050 ms200 ms
Fire FangFire1011.90840 ms200 ms
SparkElectric710.00700 ms200 ms
Thunder ShockElectric58.33600 ms200 ms
Rock ThrowRock128.821360 ms200 ms
Bullet PunchSteel108.331200 ms200 ms
Metal ClawSteel812.70630 ms200 ms
Steel WingSteel1511.281330 ms200 ms

Charge Attack That Against Articuno

Move NameTypeDamageDPSMove LengthDamage Length
Fire BlastFire10024.394100 ms400 ms
Fire PunchFire4014.292800 ms510 ms
Flame BurstFire3014.292100 ms400 ms
Flame ChargeFire258.063100 ms200 ms
Flame WheelFire408.704600 ms500 ms
FlamethrowerFire5518.972900 ms900 ms
Heat WaveFire8021.053800 ms400 ms
DischargeElectric3514.002500 ms700 ms
ThunderElectric10023.264300 ms1550 ms
Thunder PunchElectric4016.672400 ms250 ms
ThunderboltElectric5520.372700 ms800 ms
Ancient PowerRock359.723600 ms350 ms
Power GemRock4013.792900 ms800 ms
Rock SlideRock5015.633200 ms1400 ms
Rock TombRock308.823400 ms900 ms
Stone EdgeRock8025.813100 ms400 ms
Flash CannonSteel6015.383900 ms1100 ms
Iron HeadSteel3015.002000 ms250 ms
Magnet BombSteel3010.712800 ms550 ms