Pokémon Go Removes Pidgey And Rattata From Eggs And Eevee Moved To A New Bracket

Pokémon Go community has discovered that Eevee no longer hatch from ten kilometer eggs. The popular Pokémon which is quite common in many areas now hatches out of a five kilometer egg.


Niantic heard the grievance of trainers who walked far too many steps only to hatch an Eevee. This normal-type Pokémon is a common favorite which spawns commonly in the wild. Ten kilometer eggs are rare and should be an exciting find as trainers are promised with an especially uncommon Pokémon once completed the distance required to hatch one. Lapras and Snorlax are among the more desirable hatch from a 10-kilometer egg.

Another interesting announcement from Niantic is the removal of Pidgey and Rattata from eggs. This shows that if enough people have a problem with a feature in Pokémon Go, there is a chance that Niantic will implement a change if it makes sense to do.


Trainers should also notice fewer spawns of Pidgey, Rattata, and Zubat in the wild as these are replaced with other Pokémon. This will be a welcome change and trainers are already reporting unique kinds of Pokémon found in their local area now.


Niantic is preparing for another big feature: Daily Bonuses, where trainers will be rewarded for logging into the game daily.

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